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Acoustic comfort with communication power
Top acoustics with visuals of your choice
Acoustic panels on your existing furniture
with Akoesta Retrofit


Acoustic solutions to improve the acoustics and the look of your office. Smart & fast!

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Acoustic and visual

The prints make an important contribution to the visual identity of your organisation.

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A wide range of products. Installation without large renovations. Plug and play!

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Photos of inspiring projects. View the visual power of our acoustic solutions

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Acoustic comfort with communication power.

Effective acoustic solutions. Quick to install. Without major renovations.

And by using the right photos you immediately improve the look & feel of your office!

Improve the acoustics of your office and reduce stress among your employees.

We would like to come along with our measuring equipment for a Quick Scan.

With the Quick Scan we make acoustics transparent and we can determine a suitable acoustic solution.

We are happy to discuss your wishes and help you with the right acoustic solution.


Good acoustics ensure a comfortable working environment. And that leads to motivated employees with less stress. View examples here

Visual identity

By choosing the right print, we make an important contribution to the look and feel of your office. Every desired print is possible. View examples here

Smart & fast

Easy and quick to install! Without major renovations. Of course, your business can continue during the placement. View examples here

Quick Scan

We would be happy to visit you to make your acoustics transparent. We do this on the basis of our experience and with our handy measuring equipment. Read more

We are happy to find the solution for optimal acoustics in your office.

Each location is different and requires a specific approach.

We would like to visit you to see it with your own eyes and especially to hear with our own ears.

But we especially enjoy exchanging ideas about acoustics and workplace improvement.