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Acoustic comfort with communication power.

About Akoesta

Akoesta is a creative agency with roots in project design, communication and displays. We are communicative, conceptual and visual. Moreover, we are builders; we understand acoustics, constructions, materials and architecture. A nice company to work with; sympathetic, contemporary and professional. Clear communication, short lines and flexible. Akoesta collaborates with various external parties in the fields of technology, communication and design.

Our solutions improve the conditions in rooms and contribute to:

More motivated employees
Less stress for employees
Less absenteeism
Higher labor productivity
More job satisfaction
Representative offices
Spaces matching your visual identity

We improve acoustics in existing rooms by placing solutions with communicative power. Beautiful images with an acoustic effect in all sizes. Do you have problems with the acoustics in your office? Based on a measurement report, we determine what the required solution is. We have the perfect solution for you. And your office immediately looks eye-catching.

The communication value of our solutions is at least as important as solving the acoustic problem. The images set the mood for the environment. This makes an important contribution to the job satisfaction of your employees and the experience of visitors. Together with pleasant acoustics, the images provide a comfortable and pleasant environment for everyone who comes into your office. We are happy to advise you on visual communication.

Depending on your situation, we can use the available space. Valuable and radical renovations are often not necessary! Akoesta offers various solutions such as sound-absorbing ceilings, wall panels, partitions. Even cabinets with acoustic fronts are among the possibilities.

Do you want to improve the acoustics of your office?

With our measuring equipment we would like to come along for a quick scan.
We are happy to discuss your wishes and help you with the right solution.


Good acoustics ensures comfort for visitors and employees; a great place to be.

Visuele kracht

The prints make an important contribution to the visual identity of your organization and atmosphere in the office


Photos of beautiful projects. Let yourself be inspired by the visual power of our acoustic solutions


A wide range of products. These can be placed without major renovations. Plug and play!