Acoustic ceiling panels: acoustics on two sides

To improve the acoustics in a room, especially in high rooms, it is often advisable to provide the ceiling with sound-absorbing materials such as an acoustic panel. The ceiling is usually large and offers many possibilities to improve the acoustics.

The Akoesta ceiling panel is a freely suspended acoustic panel with acoustic capability on both sides. The acoustic ceiling panels are also often called baffles. The sound absorption doubles in comparison to single-sided acoustic panels or acoustic screens. Both sides are visible and have a print or color of your choice.

Advantages of acoustic ceiling panels

The most important advantages of an acoustic ceiling at a glance.

  • Doubled sound absorption
  • Adaptable in any color or print
  • Suitable for high ceilings

The baffles or acoustic ceiling panels are ideal for rooms with high ceilings. They not only improve the desired acoustics, but also reduce the chilliness that these spaces often entail.

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