Acoustic ceiling plates for good acoustics

Do you suffer from reverberation in a room? Then there is bad acoustics in that room. If you want to improve the acoustics in a room, it is important to also take care of the ceiling. The ceiling determines for a large part how the acoustics are in a room. Acoustic ceiling plates can make a huge difference. Why? Disturbing reverberation or sound reflections are not only caused by the walls, the ceiling also plays an important role in this. Acoustic ceiling plates can be the solution. Acoustic ceiling panels absorb a lot of noise, improving acoustics in the room.

Advantages of acoustic ceiling plates

Improving acoustics in a room by using acoustic ceiling plates has many positive advantages. The plates provide a doubled sound absorption, making the desired acoustics in all kinds of rooms feasible. In high rooms this sometimes seems unfeasible, but here too acoustic acoustics can improve acoustics.

Ceiling plates from Akoesta

You can design the Akoesta ceiling panels yourself. The color and the print can be completely determined yourself, so that the plates are entirely to your wishes.

Want to know more about our acoustic ceiling plates?

Ask us about the many possibilities of our acoustic ceiling plates via our contact form. We are happy to discuss with you what possible solutions are for your acoustics.

Are you not yet aware of the current acoustic situation? Then you can also have an acoustic measurement done by us first. This gives you a good insight into the current acoustic situation and it can be determined which acoustic solution suits you best.

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