Akoestische Fabricks

Fabricks: flexible and modular

A flexible and modular system for building interior walls with high-quality acoustic absorption. Fabricks are decorative elements made of foam and fabric designed to distribute spaces in a beautiful way and to prevent noise and visual distractions. To be performed in all kinds of colors, in flat and 3D bricks.

Fabricks: no professional assembly team needed

The lifetime is an important consideration in every project. Fabricks can be moved and taken to another location. Facility managers can adjust the entire room when desired. Furthermore, the colors help to give a brand or company a lively feeling. Fabricks are light and easy to set up again, this means that you do not need a professional assembly team to install it or make adjustments in the future.

Advantages of acoustic Fabricks

Benefit from the advantages of our acoustic Fabricks:

  • Demonstrable acoustic effect
  • Flexible and modular
  • Easy to install

Based on an estimate or an acoustic measurement (quick scan), we can determine that Fabricks are needed for a comfortable result.

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We are happy to tailor a price for you. We calculate prices based on surface, circulation, visuals, transport and assembly. Feel free to contact us and request a tailor-made price.