Acoustic Foam Fabrics

Wall panels for optimal acoustics in meeting and presentation rooms. The panels can be executed in a 3D pyramid structure for both an aesthetic and an acoustic effect.

Panels in 3D structure

Backpanels; panels in 3D structure to counter the reflection of sound and give the office a softer and friendlier look.

Benefits of acoustic Foam Fabrics

Benefit from the advantages of our acoustic Foam Fabrics:

  • Demonstrable acoustic effect
  • Panels in 3D structure
  • Easy to install

On the basis of an estimate or an acoustic measurement (quick scan), we can determine how many panels are needed for a comfortable result.

Ask us about the possibilities of wall panels in your office via our contact form.

We are happy to tailor a price for you. We calculate prices based on surface, circulation, visuals, transport and assembly. Feel free to contact us and request a tailor-made price.