Acoustic measurement?

To get a good insight into the acoustic situation, it may be wise to have a measurement taken.

The most important variables that determine the acoustic experience are:

  • The reverberation time
  • The sound levels that occur

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Acoustic measurement: the reverberation time

Every room needs certain acoustic values ​​to make it sound nice. When measuring the acoustics, it is important to measure the reverberation time. The reverberation time is closely related to the total surface of the sound-absorbing material present and its acoustic properties, but also to the way in which the material is distributed over the space.

The noise levels that occur as a result of fresh sound sources (eg walking and talking people, sliding furniture) are primarily dependent on the amount of absorption.

Acoustic measurement report

When we measure the acoustics, we issue a measurement report. We provide these by specialized and independent parties.

The report consists of:

  • explanation of acoustic parameters and the target values ​​used
  • the measurement taken
  • assessment of space acoustics
  • advice on possible provisions