Acoustic walls with wall panels

Do you suffer from poor acoustics in your building? Too much noise or reverberation that your employees, guests or customers can not understand each other properly? Then switch on acoustic wall panels! With these wall panels you not only improve the acoustics in your office, hotel, restaurant or pool. They also look beautiful with your own visuals.

Acoustic wall panels with visual impact

The wall panels provide acoustic comfort and give your device the desired visual appearance. Depending on your wishes, you can opt for unobtrusive panels in a color or for eye-catching prints. The panels are available in any size and are easy to assemble.

Benefits of acoustic wall panels

  • Take advantage of the benefits of our acoustic wall panels:
  • Demonstrable acoustic effect
  • Any desired visual

Easy to install

On the basis of an estimate or an acoustic measurement (quick scan), we can determine how many panels are needed for a comfortable result. The prints are easily exchangeable!

Ask us about the possibilities of wall panels in your office via our contact form.

We are happy to tailor a price for you. We calculate prices based on surface, quantity, visuals, transport and assembly. Feel free to contact us and request a tailor-made price.