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In offices it is important that your employees can work comfortably. An office with good acoustic applications creates more job satisfaction and less absenteeism.

Improve acoustics at offices



Do you live with several people in your home? Then it is important that everyone can do their thing without being a burden to each other. Good acoustics are of great importance here.

Improve acoustics at home



At a school you have the situation that many children or students are in a relatively small space. So make sure that the acoustics in the classroom or canteen are in order.

Improve acoustics at school

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In a restaurant, your guests must be able to talk to each other in a relaxed manner. Good acoustics ensure a comfortable feeling for your guests.

Improve acoustics in restaurants

xerox callcenter


In call centers it is clear that the acoustics must be in order. Both for your employees on the telephone and for the conversation partners on the other side of the line.

Improve acoustics at call centers

The solutions of Akoesta

Comfortable – Visual – Smart & Fast


Good acoustics ensure a pleasant and comfortable environment to stay and gives peace to employees and visitors. This leads to:

  • Less absenteeism with your employees
  • Higher labor productivity
  • More job satisfaction and less stress

Visual identity:

By choosing the right visuals, we contribute to the visual identity of your building. Easy to replace with exchangeable cloths. This leads to:

  • Representative offices
  • Spaces matching your visual identity
  • Pleasant spaces to stay in

Smart and fast:

Our products are supplied ready-made and are placed in a jiffy by our mechanics. Your business continues.

  • No major renovations
  • Your business continues during placement
  • Low assembly costs