Improve acoustics at home?

Acoustics in homes can often be improved. If you are watching the news at home on the couch and you can not hear anything about it because your husband is cleaning the dishwasher, something is not going well with the acoustics in your home. Akoesta specializes in improving acoustics.

How can we improve the acoustics of your home?

We have various solutions that ensure that your home is a pleasant place for your entire family. Think about:

  • Acoustic Wall Panels: These panels can be printed with beautiful visuals to give the room a beautiful atmosphere
  • Room dividers: The room dividers can also be printed with the desired visuals.
  • Acoustic Furniture: For example, we can upholster your closets to ensure that improving the acoustics in your home does not take up much space.

Measurement acoustics

Based on an estimate or a measurement (Quick Scan) we can determine what is required for a comfortable result. The prints are easily exchangeable!

Improve acoustics? Ask us about the possibilities of your via our contact form.

We are happy to tailor a price for you. We calculate prices based on surface, quantity, visuals, transport and assembly. Feel free to contact us and request a tailor-made price.

Do you want to improve the acoustics of your office?

With our measuring equipment we would like to come along for a quick scan.
We are happy to discuss your wishes and help you with the right solution.