Improving acoustics: the benefits

Do you suffer from reverberation and are you looking for the best way to improve acoustics in a room? Akoesta offers you several solutions to improve the acoustics in for example:

  • Improve acoustics office
  • Improving acoustics school

We offer the solution to improve acoustics, for example, by installing sound-absorbing ceilings, wall panels and room dividers.

Why improve acoustics?

Improving acoustics in a room often has many positive consequences. For example, poor acoustics reduces office productivity. Improving acoustics in the office can significantly improve productivity. A similar problem arises in schools when there is poor acoustics. For example, excessive reverberation, or annoying sound reflections in classrooms can cause concentration problems and faster fatigue in both teachers and pupils.
Bad acoustics can also be fatal in a restaurant. For example, it can be an important factor for the elderly in choosing a restaurant. Older people can often hear less well and this can be a reason not to choose your restaurant. Improving acoustics can therefore have a positive influence on various factors.

Improve your acoustics

At Akoesta, improving acoustics is central to your wishes. We do this by offering different solutions such as:

Wall panels
Room dividers
Ceiling panels
Ceiling plates

Everything to improve acoustics in your room.

Are you curious about the acoustics in your office, for example? Then you can have an acoustic measurement performed. This way you discover the acoustic experience in your room and you can look for a suitable solution.

Want to know more about improving acoustics?

Ask us about the many possibilities of our acoustic ceiling plates via our contact form. We like to think along with you, to find a suitable solution for your acoustics.