Acoustics at the office

Various studies show that good acoustics at the office and the workplace lead to more job satisfaction. Your employees often spend most of their time at their workplace in the office. We have various acoustic solutions that ensure that your employees can work pleasantly.

Acoustic wall panels office

By placing the acoustic wall panels in your office it gets a beautiful visual appearance as you wish. On the acoustic wall panels it is possible to place beautiful visuals, or a quiet, inconspicuous color.

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Acoustic partition walls

Would you like to separate the conference table or lunch table in your office, for example? You can do this perfectly with acoustic room dividers. Not only do you provide a visual separation, but the acoustics will also improve.

The room dividers are just like our wall panels both with beautiful visuals or solid colors.

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Acoustic ceiling panels (or baffles)

A high ceiling and therefore only acoustics? Ceiling panels can be a good solution here. They are loose hanging panels that can absorb sound on two sides.

Our acoustic ceiling panels are also customizable in any color or print. Entirely to your wishes.

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Now improve the acoustics in your office

Based on an estimate or an acoustic measurement (Quick Scan) we can determine what is required for a comfortable result. The prints are easily exchangeable!

Ask us about the possibilities via our contact form.

We are happy to tailor a price for you. We calculate prices based on surface, circulation, visuals, transport and assembly. Feel free to contact us and request a tailor-made price.

Do you want to improve the acoustics of your office?

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We are happy to discuss your wishes and help you with the right solution.