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Wall panels

These acoustic solutions provide comfort and give your device the desired visual appearance. Depending on your wishes, you can opt for a solid color or a full-color print.

Acoustic wall panels



The workplace solutions ensure that your employees work concentrated in a comfortable workplace. Without the inconvenience of talking colleagues or other sounds.

Acoustic workplaces

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Ceiling panels

The Akoesta ceiling panel is a free-hanging panel with acoustically effective damping capability on both sides of the panel. The ceiling panels are also often called baffles.

Acoustic ceiling panels


Acoustic Fabricks

Flexible and modular system for building walls with acoustic absorption. Fabricks are foam and dust interior blocks designed to distribute spaces and prevent noise nuisance.

Acoustic Fabricks


Room dividers

Acoustic room dividers from Akoesta create meeting rooms in no time. The acoustic solutions provide workspaces that facilitate privacy and comfort.

Acoustic room dividers

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Akoesta supplies unique and customized furniture with acoustic effect. For example, a cabinet with a unique print. The prints can be selected as you wish.

Acoustic furniture

akoesta cradles


The panels of AkoestaCradles can be made very precise in a shape and are strong and durable and can also be used as acoustic wall coverings.


Foam fabrics

Acoustic Foam Fabrics

Wall panels for optimal acoustics in office spaces. The panels can be executed in a 3D pyramid structure, for both an aesthetic and an acoustic effect.

Acoustic Foam Fabrics

The solutions of Akoesta

Comfortable – Visual – Smart & Fast


Good acoustics ensure a pleasant and comfortable environment to stay and gives peace to employees and visitors. This leads to:

  • Less absenteeism with your employees
  • Higher labor productivity
  • More job satisfaction and less stress

Visual identity:

By choosing the right visuals, we contribute to the visual identity of your building. Easy to replace with exchangeable prints. This leads to:

  • Representative offices
  • Spaces matching your visual identity
  • Pleasant spaces to stay in

Smart and fast:

Our products are supplied ready-made and are placed in a jiffy by our mechanics. Your business continues.

  • No major renovations
  • Your business continues during placement
  • Low assembly costs